Stop Smoking

No Smoking Day - 9th March 2022

“Don’t give up on giving up. Every time you try to stop smoking,
you’re a step closer to success.”

Stopping smoking is the best thing you can do for your health and mental wellbeing.

Key messages for smokers:

  • Every successful quit begins with a serious quit attempt. Make your next quit attempt this No Smoking Day.
  • Many smokers do not quit on their first attempt and need several tries before they succeed.
  • The sooner you stop the greater the health gains but whenever you stop your health will benefit.
  • Getting support really boosts your chances of quitting – you’re up to three times as likely to succeed.

For support to quit this No Smoking Day contact: Hertfordshire Health Improvement Service on 0800 389 3998 or text SMOKEFREE TO 80818.

Smokefree Hertfordshire

The Hertfordshire Stop Smoking Service offers free professional specialist advice and support to smokers. This increases your chance of stopping smoking by up to four times.

Telephone: 0800 389 3998 or 01442 453071

Text: SMOKEFREE to 80818



NHS Smokefree - Mobile App

The Smokefree app can help you stop smoking by providing daily support and motivation. If you stay smokefree for the 4-week programme you’re up to five times more likely to stay quit for good.

Download from: Google Play: NHS Smokefree

Download from: iTunes: NHS Smokefree

Hanscombe House Stop Smoking Service

Our qualified stop smoking specialists offers flexible appointments to suit your requirements. Please contact the practice to make an appointment with them so we can support you to stop smoking.

Quit with help

Everyone has a different reason for quitting, get a personalised Quit Smoking Plan.