Age UK – Hertfordshire

Age UK Hertfordshire is a local independent charity that works to support older people in Hertfordshire. Their priorities are to reduce loneliness and isolation, build resilience and help people with finances and benefits. They are supported by a large team of volunteers, so most of their services are free of charge to their clients.

This winter is going to be particularly hard for older people and Age UK wanted to get in touch to let you know that their services are available to anyone who needs them this winter.

Their Information and Advice Service provides information and assistance for people looking for help with benefits, attendance allowance, blue badges and Lasting Powers of Attorney amongst other things.

Their Visiting Scheme matches volunteers with lonely older people who would appreciate a visit from someone weekly. This may consist of chatting and playing games or going out to a nearby café. Matches are made where there are mutual interests, so there is always something to talk about. Their volunteers are fully trained, police checked and keen to help support an older person who may be feeling isolated.

Their InTouch team are there to listen as older people talk in their own way about whatever is weighing on them. For many older people, they’re the only people they can turn to. For others, who may worry about burdening friends or family, they are a sympathetic ear. It is up to the older person how much detail they want to share, and they can speak to Age UK as many times as they need to.