COVID-19 Vaccinations Update – 12th February 2021

Message from our Patient groups

In liaison with the Practice staff of the 4 surgeries of Hanscombe House, New River Health [Castlegate and Church Street branches], Wallace House and Watton Place Clinic

Covid-19 vaccination progress update

As at Monday 8th February, we had administered 7129 vaccinations, of which 6151 were first doses, in 17 clinics at Hertford Theatre, in care homes and to housebound patients in line with the Government’s priority list:

We are now vaccinating the over 70s and have started the over 65s [Groups 4 & 5]. This week will be very busy with 1900 vaccine doses to be administered to patients, with 800 patients being vaccinated on Saturday.

Please do not ring the surgery to book a vaccine appointment. Your surgery will contact you by telephone or text.

The only exception to this is if you are aged over 70 years or are clinically vulnerable and you have not been contacted yet. Hanscombe House patients will be contacted by them, but if you are a patient aged over 70 at the other 3 surgeries, please ring them.

Your vaccination appointment

Arrive on time – you do not need to come early! We will only allow the person who is having the vaccination into the Theatre, unless they need a primary carer. This is to keep infection risk to a minimum.

Parking is at St Andrew’s car park; people with a disabled badge can park either there or on the yellow lines outside the Theatre.

Please do not attend if you feel unwell on the day. Contact the surgery to say you are unwell and check if you can still attend.

Do not come for your vaccination if you are displaying Covid-like symptoms – a high temperature; a new continuous cough and/or a loss of smell. Ring 111 or go to Also, please cancel your appointment.

You must, of course, wear a face mask and keep 2 metres apart.

No appointment, no vaccination

We use every single dose of vaccine each day. In the unlikely event there are a few vaccines left at the end of the day, patients who are next on the list are contacted and asked to come to the Theatre for their vaccination.

Some patients have decided to take up the offer of a vaccination, on receipt of an NHS letter, going online to book at local mass vaccination centres. These booking systems are age checked, so you will not be able to book if you are too young for the current age group being vaccinated!

If you wish to have both vaccinations at Hertford Theatre, please be patient and wait a few more days. We are told when we will be receiving a vaccine delivery, often only with 24 hours’ notice, so keep your mobile phones switched on please! We will be trialling a booking system, through a mobile phone message, this week.

Easy read versions

After all the over 65s have received their vaccination, Group 6 [Adults aged 16 to 65 years in an at-risk group] will be next. If you are supporting an adult in this group, you may find this easy read version about vaccinations useful preparation.

Meanwhile, please avoid ringing the surgery, unless it is for a medical matter. Staff would really appreciate this. Please spread the information in this newsletter through your social media contacts.

Stop Press

Hertford County is closed until the end of February for Blood Tests. Ring 0300 123 7571 x4 to book a test at Bowling Road Health Clinic, Ware, SG12 7EF.