COVID Vaccinations

Message from our Partners – 4th January 2020

The Practice has received numerous enquiries from patients regarding their concerns about the COVID-19 vaccine.

Our telephone lines are extremely busy so please read the government guidance for further advice.

We have total empathy with all of our patients and are just as keen to get hold of and give this vaccine out as you all are to have it. Due to the logistics involved with the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine it was decided that the 4 Hertford practices and 1 of the Ware practices who form the Hertford & Rurals Primary Care Network (PCN) would do it as one Hub based in Hertford Theatre. Our PCN put themselves forward to be part of the first wave of vaccinators which was then endorsed by our Clinical Care Group.

The PCN was given very short notice that they would receive 1 batch of 975 vaccines on 15th December to give to the 80+ year olds, the care home residents and care home workers which as you can imagine does not cover anywhere near the amount needed. Practices were given a day to list their 80+ patients who had co-morbidities and call them in no specific order to offer the vaccine until the appropriate amount of appointment slots were filled. Unfortunately we still have just under 500 patients in this first cohort to vaccinate in our practice alone and we are currently waiting notification of our second delivery which is totally out of our control.

Not an ideal situation for any of us but totally out of our control. NHS England have asked us to point our patients in the direction of the link below to help explain why we are all being asked to wait for our covid-19 vaccines.

Unfortunately the media does not portray an accurate picture of the current situation for primary care, thus I hope the above helps to understand why some of our patients have been vaccinated and others not so far. I would like to reassure you that we are totally committed as a practice to vaccinate our patients as quickly, safely and efficiently as we are able to within the resources given to us by the Government.

Please be aware, the Practice is unable to provide the second vaccination to patients who received their first vaccination elsewhere. Any enquiries relating to this must be made direct to the Organisation who provided the first vaccination.

Our website will be updated when we receive further information.