Free session to learn more about cancer via Zoom

Did you know that local NHS volunteers can help you become more cancer aware through free sessions in our area?

The 60-minute Cancel Out Cancer session, currently delivered via Zoom, is a fantastic way to help you:

  • understand what cancer is and isn’t, including busting some myths
  • spot cancer early, and get to know what the signs and symptoms of cancer are
  • know the value of screening, and importance of early diagnosis
  • be positive about health and small lifestyle changes to help prevent cancer.

The more people who take part in these sessions, the greater chance we have of raising awareness and ‘cancelling out cancer’.

Sign up to join a session

There are sessions every second Monday of the month at 6pm. Just use the link to sign up for a session.

Recent participants have said:

  • “I wasn’t sure what to expect today, I am so glad I came because I really enjoyed it.”
  • “I particularly found the last exercise very useful and found out information I didn’t know!”
  • “It was an excellent and informative talk and I’m glad I heard it.”
  • “Really helpful, good balance to information and facts and prevention tips”
  • “It was good to be able ask questions”

If you are part of a group or network which would benefit from its own session, or just want to learn more about the campaign, email today!

There is more information about the programme on the Cancel Out Cancer page within the East and North Hertfordshire CGG website.

We look forward to seeing you.