Save Orchard Surgery!

Please complete this form to sign our petition to save Orchard Surgery.

Save Orchard Surgery

Save Orchard Surgery!

Please fill in this form to sign the petition to help us Save Orchard Surgery (SOS). If you would like to try to keep Orchard Surgery going and believe in patient choice then please help us overturn this unfair decision.

We will send this signed petition to the Secretary of State, Department of Health. We already have the support of the lovely Mayor of Buntingford. Please sign and put down names of family members who are registered here too.

This can also be signed by patients who are registered at other practise if you do not wish to see an influx of new patients using already stretched resources. Thank you for your continued support and believing in us.

Let’s do this together and fight to give patients in Buntingford a choice of GP practices.